America- The Land I Love


How can you love a face you’ve never seen and not love its people.

Here we are America…2103 with the most recent deaths yet still on my mind, are of two beautiful young men…Kendrick Johnson and Trayvon Martin… Honestly, I feel as if I know them in a strange kind of way- The images are forever imprinted in my heart of the savage way in which they left this earth. Breathless…My heart continues to ache for the survivors of these young men. Have mercy on them Lord, as well as for the parties responsible for their murder. Yes, I pity them because at the end of the day, it’s God’s wrath, His vengeance against any which oppresses and murders his sheep that shall reign.
Kendrick Johnson, 17 and an athlete, was found January 11 headfirst in a rolled wrestling mat at a Lowndes County High School gym in Valdosta, Georgia. When I first began following this story, I cried… (Really sensitive-cry at the drop of hat);once I dried up the tears, I begin to think of his parents as well as the implications surrounding Kendrick’s death, how did he die? It was obvious from the photos that he was beaten severely…who assaulted this child? Before his eyes glazed over, before his last breath, who and what did he see? Yes, he was someone’s baby…even now, I can’t bring myself to get past the timing of his death. Am I the only one who sees this for what it really is? This child was murdered while in school, under the protection of cameras and other adults. He was then stuffed and thrown away like a piece of trash- I wondered when did the thought occur to kill him? Was it after the savage beating? Why was he killed? Was it because Kendrick, a handsome young prince, attracted the eye of a young girl of another race? I can’t help but wonder if other teen-agers killed him or if it was the act of a “protective father” whose mind was intent on showing Kendrick a lesson for conversing with his daughter. Had Kendrick lived, I’m certain he could tell the entire story…

While surfing the Internet during the exhumation of Kendrick Johnson’s body, I stumbled upon a video on you-tube. I can’t find it now, but…frankly, the video upset me. Apparently, a wrestling coach, felt compelled to utilize the limited information given to convince anyone who would listen, that Kendrick was not murdered. The coach in the video, stressed that Kendrick simply lost his shoe and tried to retrieve it, and in doing so caused his death. Did I mention he sounded like ‘the grand wizard’ himself. I wish I could find that video. He actually used a young man to give visual to his words, by asking him to try and retrieve a shoe in a mat of similar size and dimension (he actually sounded too familiar with the entire process). He then instructed the young man to scream, and let’s see if anyone can hear you. To be honest, I only heard his voice…and thought it strange that he wasn’t in front of the camera the entire time of the video, since he was so eager to convey Kendrick’s death was “just an accident”, nothing more (his wording).

Satan, with his cronies Jim Crow and Willie Lynch have been upset for quite some time now and he is seeking retribution within the African-American society. Let’s be honest…every time a young black child is missing, or murdered of late-normally there is more to it than meets the eye. The racism and the “good ole boy network” continue to attempt to get by in 2013 my people… and it is robbing our community right before our very eyes. Clearly, this air of superiority, this air of supremacy cannot continue, not if we are striving for unity within this civilization of man. The beast (satan) along with his imps are either reformed or voted out of office…it’s that simple.

The death of Trayvon Martin, 17-year-old occurred in Sanford, Florida…George Zimmerman was not convicted in the televised case for the murder of Trayvon because he was standing his ground, according to the Florida law. It’s obvious that law needs to be repealed. When there’s a law in a state which supports murder of any of God’s children, I feel truly sorry for the law-makers. Romans 13 teaches us exactly what Paul intended for authority when it comes to the government…God made the law and God made man. Seriously, what do you think happens to one who doesn’t effectively create the law for the good of all? Think about it…if any law is created from a malicious heart designed to hate and oppress a people, no matter the race, sex, nationality, or education-WE, my people, have a problem.

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Detroit School Choir Goes Viral with ‘Happy’ Cover [Watch]

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Love it! Love it! Love it!

Originally posted on Black America Web:

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These kids are working it out!

The latest cover of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” to go viral comes from elementary school kids in the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir.

Not only are their blended voices heavenly, but the choreography is cute and age-appropriate, and the two lead singers step forth and own it….definitely stars in the making.

Posted on YouTube by Edward Bone, whose daughter Aisha sings in the choir, here is the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir singing the Oscar-nominated hit “Happy.”


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Abundantly Awake…Abundantly Aware.


The Lord is my light and my salvation—so why should I be afraid?  The Lord protects me from danger—so why should I be tremble?  When evil people come to destroy me, when my enemies and foes attack me, they will stumble and fall. Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will know no fear.  Even if they attack me, I remain confident.  Psa 27: 1-3

I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me.  Psa 30:1

You hide them in the shelter of your presence, safe from those who conspire against them.  You shelter them in your presence, far from the accusing tongues. Psa 31:20

Love the Lord, all you faithful ones!  For the Lord protects those who are loyal to Him, but he harshly punishes all who are arrogant.  So be strong and take courage, all you who put your hope in the Lord. Psa 31: 23-24 (NLT)


Lord have mercy on this place (EARTH) and its people… Forever more…I honestly am seeking thy face; earnestly beseeching your spiritual peace as we go to war.  Yes, my people it’s WAR!  I have no choice but to put you first in all I do as weak as I am-thank you JESUS- yes my God, how great thou art; we come before you with singing and enter into your courts with praise.  Long have your oppressed suffered…OUR time is now.  Your people have grown tired and weak, but Father WE are not weary…But now?  Yes now, we are renewed with your tender loving mercy and grace as we travel onward to your Kingdom. While there is breath, let ALL who know of your special love and healing grace that you are yet alive and amongst US.  Spirit of the living God, guide us as we progress forward.  It is time out for hate and division, may all those who are partaking of such hate be cast out in the name of Jesus, never to return…mix up their thoughts with only thoughts of YOU, whose love is pure and righteousness.  Those which are confused and worshipping idols, I pray that you allow them to rely on you and the love which is deep within their hearts to discover that special key to unlock what was implanted in them before their eyes ever opened.  You are knowledgeable far beyond this earth and know their hearts so Father GOD, I pray that you CREATE in them a clean heart O Lord God, while there is yet time. Lord I am aware, I am awake and constantly seeking your face…so Father God, Sar Shalom, Jehovah God, Allah, lest we fall, may you lift us, your special people out of the mud and mire.  Humble your faithful servants and let every tongue that rises up against thee be silenced forever and bless them with this humbling and loving thought-“WE shall not go back”…in the name of JESUS, SPIRIT Of The LIVING GOD-administer love to YOUR troops-those who are fighting in YOUR army Father GOD -gear each one with special favor Lord to crowd out the imps- gear them with the Righteous Body Armor of God and the Fruit of the Spirit-in the name of JESUS- for WE shall not go back.  “When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty.”


It’s a great day to P(etition)R(ighteously)A(ccordingly)Y(ear-round)


KaSandra L. Stallworth©2014











Jordan Davis



Parents:  Mr. Ron Davis and Mrs. Lucia McBath



The power of love. . . Last night I had an opportunity to view several videos on YouTube-seriously-last night it wasn’t about the music.  After reading so many different posts yesterday about Jordan Davis, I decided to go on over to YouTube to watch videos submitted by Jordan Davis’s parent’s attorney…and ALL I can say is WOW.  The parents-I witnessed- have such a beautiful and blessed spirit . . . I know, I know…some will say, I see this in everyone or everything I encounter, but honestly, after watching his parents in several of those videos I was left feeling hopeful.  You see, this couple, never expected to have children-and oh, but nevertheless, God blessed them with Jordan.  On February 16, 2014, Jordan Davis-had he lived- would have celebrated his 19th birthday…It wasn’t until this morning after reading my scriptures for today-Philippians 1-4-that my spirit became blessed.  Essentially, Mrs. McBath, said something in the video which captured my heart-and at the time I didn’t fully understand why that one statement caused me to pause.  Mrs. McBath stated:  “I feel so sorry for him (Michael Dunn)…I feel so sorry for him.” 

I truly understand-though I’m not a parent-what she emphatically intended for the hearts of many to hear.  You see, God sent His Son to save, heal and bless-Oh yes He did…and she is not bitter.  God blessed them with a son-Jordan Davis-and it is through his death-at the hands of Michael Dunn-that a nation, a town, a city, a state, a country-can move forward without malicious intent or hate; for if we don’t move forward as a people-we will forever be lost.  The BIBLE teaches us that we are to forgive…no matter how many times an individual offends you-we must forgive-even if it’s 70 times 7.  We only have to look at ourselves in all the mess God has delivered us out of, of all the disease and afflictions he has healed us from and think back to how many times HE has forgiven each one of us.  Remember, HE wore the thorny crown for each one of us…Those nails?-Yep-he accepted them for each one of us.  So it goes without saying that I concur with Mrs. Lucia Davis-and will take it a step further-as I am only so inclined to do- “I feel so sorry for you Michael Dunn… I feel sorry for you because of the hate and bigoted attitude you carry around in your heart for any one person who is different than you.  There were at least 10 times you could’ve turned away…no 11 times Mr. Dunn.  You see, you could’ve never pulled the gun out of the glove box-let alone pull the trigger.  My heart is heavy today and as I go into prayer, I’ll be sure to say a kind word for you.”

Contrary to what Michael D. Dunn and his attorney will have you believe- Jordan Davis was no thug.  He was no gangster!  If that were so, then every last single one of us-people-could be labeled as such.  You see, I love music!-and every time I hear “my songs” I truly adjust the volume to levels some would say is “Just too loud!”  Each thump, each vibration-in my mind- helps to accentuate how I may be feeling at that exact moment.  I don’t care if it’s Hip-Hop, Rap, Classical, Spiritual or Country- I truly love turning up the volume!  In this instance- I can truly relate to how a 17 year old child would definitely do the same.  One can’t help but wonder-if Michael Dunn would feel the same or had taken similar actions if a Corvette had pulled up alongside his vehicle at the convenience store playing Bach or Clint Black?  I doth think his actions would have been very different if the Corvette held two passengers of a different race.

My prayers and thoughts are with the Davis family today and every day hereafter…I can only respect their son’s memory through prayer and supplication-AND by truly adjusting my volume every time I hear “My song!”


Doctor’s Visit


Today, is the day. It is time to put the girl on the table once again-to those of you who are clueless-it’s time for a pap smear. This is where I go in and have HER examined- and I’m claiming a clean bill of health for HER in the name of Jesus, amen. My only concern though are the fibroid tumors…one I knew of last year after my last pap smear exam…and the other one was discovered after my visit to the pain clinic. I went there for my aching back-and so it was after an MRI to learn more about my back pain-that’s when I learned were now two fibroid tumors. I pray that I don’t have to have those extensive tests done…I do not like that trans-vaginal ultrasound—ugh!!

Honestly at the minute they are not bothering me too bad…yet. I’ll cross that bridge later.

…gotta keep moving forward.

I am speaking prematurely as I’ve not received my letter stating the pap smear’s actual results; nor was the doctor alerted to anything out the ordinary- so I’se fine… I is fine y’all until the next exam and for this I am thankful! We also had “the talk” and realize the eggs are in need of some husbandry seminal fluid- I keep telling her- I ain’t been introduced to the donor as of yet. I also told her that those twins must have a father-yes I am claiming it in the name of Jesus…it’s either now or when I’m 60!

You know every party ain’t perfect…I get that…when you vote individuals into office one only has to look back to the governmental shutdown last month and OBAMACARE then come up with a logical answer on how we as a Nation, as a State must move forward. We must all work together for the common good of man out of love, dedication and sweat. I so detest racism and any behavior associated with this frame of mind-so how can you tell me about religion when you support hate…God is love not hate…but it is your actions which are called in to play here. You see God created good and evil-he created hate so that HIS will could be done and- in order for HIS total will to be done-evil has to be exposed-and it also must run it’s course. This process once exposed- must then be rebuked to the bottomless pits of hell. Once this is done, and for this I am thankful-we then must pray. Pray for guidance and direction and deliverance…pray for restoration in the name of God, in Jesus name, amen. One only has to take into mind the many stories in the BIBLE to prove the validity of God’s creation of good and evil and how HIS will, His grace and His mercy prevails every single time. God trumps evil (satan and his imps) every single time. Look at what happened to Pharaoh and his army and the parting of the Red Sea.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Please believe I am taking note on the changing tide-it’s not about winning the office-it’s about inheriting the Throne of Grace

The old sinful nature loves to do evil-clearly evident in our world-and we must turn away from this nature-you can do it! God is a God of the Spiritual Realm and not a God of this world-for His word teaches us that in Matthew 6:24.-No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

So to get past the sinful nature one has to confess dependency oh God Our Heavenly Father…and he then transitions you aided by the Holy Spirit. Galatians 6:22- But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law.

Fright Night


Halloween is over but the fight for reducing products from the shelves is ongoing

I hear Wal-Mart is still selling those lead products-they’re on discount in some stores

A little bird said:

Just to give you an update on the Fright Night stuff. A rep called me at work last week and let me know that Wal-Mart had requested that she call me. She spoke so quickly I didn’t catch her name or company name. I believe she was with the distributing company. She tried to tell me that the products had been tested and were safe. I reminded her that the label stated the product contained lead and that it had a warning about lead causing birth defects and other reproductive harm. She couldn’t give me a response other than the “company line.” Today I was in a Wal-Mart that had pulled the product off the shelf after I showed it to them and now it’s back on the shelf and marked down.

So basically-the products are sold in stores to consumers who are purchasing them to use on their children during fall celebrations? And the products contain lead? This is not a good look-is it?

I wonder…

Good Tidings…or are they?


Tell me the story of Jesus,I’d love to hear
Things I would ask HIM to tell me, if HE were here
Scenes by the wayside, tales of the sea
Stories of Jesus, tell them to me.

Yet another song from my youth, I can’t remember the rest as usual…the songs they come and they go from me like the wind on a hot summer day…how fleeting they are in Brewton, Alabama.

Then I thought about those sample ballots…red state.

Genesis 49: 1-33- 12 Tribes of Israel-Jacob’s sons


E-TeacherGroup (blog on experience)

Love…Love will keep us together

Robin Thicke your situation is tacky! I’m inclined be in an ethical viewpoint frame of mind…sure you racked up on ‘Blurred Lines’ but dude how blurry are your morals, values and principals? Honestly, yes, you used those beats-the same Marvin Gaye used- oh yes, you did that-to my ear those beats are consistent with those of Marvin Gaye. It is possible you will win the case but seriously? Why the heck are yall in court? The Gaye family should not allow greed to drive them in their attempts to prove their case-it’s also possible they could loose- AND you should offer an amount that is consistent with those beats! It’s obvious who is capitalizing here-isn’t it-plain as day! Please believe Robin Thicke I love you and your contribution to music-but really?-!


Reduce Plagiarisms


Freshmen- College

It is very important to present your work as much as possible. When using someone else’s work (papers, books, articles, quotes, etc.) always be sure to give credit for individual pieces. This link will take you to a website that will help keep you honest. I used it a great deal during my college years.

Have I ever been suspected of plagiarisms? As a matter of fact…yes, once. Long story short-I included the directions for the paper within my final paper. As I can recall-upon submitting my paper the professor contacted me…she discovered this by using “turnitin”. I received an A on that paper-with the warning never turn a final paper in with directions from the syllabus.