Doctor’s Visit

Today, is the day. It is time to put the girl on the table once again-to those of you who are clueless-it’s time for a pap smear. This is where I go in and have HER examined- and I’m claiming a clean bill of health for HER in the name of Jesus, amen. My only concern though are the fibroid tumors…one I knew of last year after my last pap smear exam…and the other one was discovered after my visit to the pain clinic. I went there for my aching back-and so it was after an MRI to learn more about my back pain-that’s when I learned were now two fibroid tumors. I pray that I don’t have to have those extensive tests done…I do not like that trans-vaginal ultrasound—ugh!!

Honestly at the minute they are not bothering me too bad…yet. I’ll cross that bridge later.

…gotta keep moving forward.

I am speaking prematurely as I’ve not received my letter stating the pap smear’s actual results; nor was the doctor alerted to anything out the ordinary- so I’se fine… I is fine y’all until the next exam and for this I am thankful! We also had “the talk” and realize the eggs are in need of some husbandry seminal fluid- I keep telling her- I ain’t been introduced to the donor as of yet. I also told her that those twins must have a father-yes I am claiming it in the name of Jesus…it’s either now or when I’m 60!

You know every party ain’t perfect…I get that…when you vote individuals into office one only has to look back to the governmental shutdown last month and OBAMACARE then come up with a logical answer on how we as a Nation, as a State must move forward. We must all work together for the common good of man out of love, dedication and sweat. I so detest racism and any behavior associated with this frame of mind-so how can you tell me about religion when you support hate…God is love not hate…but it is your actions which are called in to play here. You see God created good and evil-he created hate so that HIS will could be done and- in order for HIS total will to be done-evil has to be exposed-and it also must run it’s course. This process once exposed- must then be rebuked to the bottomless pits of hell. Once this is done, and for this I am thankful-we then must pray. Pray for guidance and direction and deliverance…pray for restoration in the name of God, in Jesus name, amen. One only has to take into mind the many stories in the BIBLE to prove the validity of God’s creation of good and evil and how HIS will, His grace and His mercy prevails every single time. God trumps evil (satan and his imps) every single time. Look at what happened to Pharaoh and his army and the parting of the Red Sea.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Please believe I am taking note on the changing tide-it’s not about winning the office-it’s about inheriting the Throne of Grace

The old sinful nature loves to do evil-clearly evident in our world-and we must turn away from this nature-you can do it! God is a God of the Spiritual Realm and not a God of this world-for His word teaches us that in Matthew 6:24.-No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other, or be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

So to get past the sinful nature one has to confess dependency oh God Our Heavenly Father…and he then transitions you aided by the Holy Spirit. Galatians 6:22- But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law.


Good Tidings…or are they?

Tell me the story of Jesus,I’d love to hear
Things I would ask HIM to tell me, if HE were here
Scenes by the wayside, tales of the sea
Stories of Jesus, tell them to me.

Yet another song from my youth, I can’t remember the rest as usual…the songs they come and they go from me like the wind on a hot summer day…how fleeting they are in Brewton, Alabama.

Then I thought about those sample ballots…red state.

Genesis 49: 1-33- 12 Tribes of Israel-Jacob’s sons


E-TeacherGroup (blog on experience)

Love…Love will keep us together

Robin Thicke your situation is tacky! I’m inclined be in an ethical viewpoint frame of mind…sure you racked up on ‘Blurred Lines’ but dude how blurry are your morals, values and principals? Honestly, yes, you used those beats-the same Marvin Gaye used- oh yes, you did that-to my ear those beats are consistent with those of Marvin Gaye. It is possible you will win the case but seriously? Why the heck are yall in court? The Gaye family should not allow greed to drive them in their attempts to prove their case-it’s also possible they could loose- AND you should offer an amount that is consistent with those beats! It’s obvious who is capitalizing here-isn’t it-plain as day! Please believe Robin Thicke I love you and your contribution to music-but really?-!



Vice President Biden- I got a bone to pluck with you- Are you going to allow yourself to pass along during this time and not make a great impact? Three strikes rule needs to be looked at again-only because the standards of the weight and quantity- when you think about the convictions and conviction weigh-ins-one can’t help but wonder… No, I’m not saying let everyone out onto the streets-well at least they have will be rehabilitated first-if this is possible-and I think it is-therefore that time on the deck needs to be accessed accordingly. We need our reformed felon at home with the family unit-working & providing for his/her family.

Why is it that it takes so long for charges to be dropped on an innocent person? Take for instance the incident in The Big Apple-where the police officers falsely apprehended and accused-then arrested-because they had “drugs” in their possession…Sir it really was candy- Jolly Ranchers as I recall reading-… Well the 3 men were detained with the “evidence” for a few days until the charges were disputed and proven to be false- but it has taken longer for the process of paperwork-never should have been put into rotation-which is my point. IT is because of William “Bill” Clinton during his time as Commander-In-Chief that the incarcerated institutions population increased phenomenally (was that a Reagan Administration idea). It is also a disgraceful look for anyone associated with this mentality to support key components in the judicial system to support implementation of institutionalized racialism and institutionalized racism…Sir,those rules or laws that are now governoring-well some in my opinion are basically implemented with a modern day slavery mentality approach or viewpoint- within this particular population-SMH (shaking my head). It is now that I think also of those who are incarcerated illegally-You do realize with this mentality-it’s also a possibility of prisoners who are incarcerated against their will or because of an idea which fights the oppressor-in other words-there are those who can incarcerate the body and mind-lock you up and throw away the key-hide you as long as he/she wants-think about that (maybe I should as well)…but they can’t halt progression. We need the parents home who are reformed-we need those reformed voting rights restored- we need those reformed to work and educate their families on ways to obtain goals in life. (vision to action) That is scary-I wonder how many letters have left the jail cell’s speaking of employment within the walls-now flip that-I also wonder- how many letters have been received and read-speaking of gainful employment. I have a problem with the underpayment of the incarcerated population-modern day slavery…someone or several someones are getting over on slaves-has it been outlawed in The Constitution? Well that’s exactly what the incarcerated population is in 2013-how many-(I must check this out). Is this how they’re getting over? Who are they? Who continues to allow this? – Human Beings are still enslaved in America- Sweet Land of Liberty- back to task

Well, Sir, I’m concerned-are you? What do we do? Well we fix it. How? Sir, when I say we, know that it means a team of people-and you are a part of that team- I-along with everything that’s of God-is a part of this team. So with this being said- I don’t know how policy and procedure works with current administration and relationship to your duties and responsibilities- but if you could do something-what would you do to fix, adhere, repeal, amend and implement?

Batter Up-that’s all I can say-(that and I love baseball too).

Yes sir, you work on returning them to us and we shall implement life-training skills for them and their families. It is imperative to do so without haste.
Today has been a very interesting day for me thus far… just blogging thoughts they are!

Have since learned that clemency is needed by The POTUS
Research more information on governor

I do love the art of networking

Basketball is right around the corner and I am determined to learn something about the sport as I haven’t a clue- I need to find that book on basketball note to self-check ppr ref




Originally this page was designed with the hopes of reaching out to all parents whose children are enrolled or were enrolled in the Head Start Program…and it very well could be that this initiative is still in development with this goal in mind …who knows? I do know that the old program, the old way of doing things, is, and ain’t working! We can improve upon the new, right? There are too many brilliant children in our society not progressing as they should and of course all realms of the socio-economic paradigm must be taken greatly into consideration when targeting this potential population…

Okay…Obviate-look at the statistic data via Alabama.

Target all children within the paradigm (Parochial)
Single-family/one income/no income
Single-family/young mothers/one income/no income
Single-family/one income and half of one income (full-time/part-time)/no income
Two parent/one income/no income
Two parent/two income/no income

Grand-parents/children in home/one income
Foster Care
Reading level for all
I’m not concerned about the overall education of parents in home…at this time-READING LEVEL
Reformed Felons (mostly in the states like Florida, California)- Charter Schools implemented- This aspect has me thinking of fathers missing in the homes…once reformed and released and returned to families of children (explore)…I wonder whatever happened to that tape I ordered or requested…great material. It is my opinion to combine the efforts of the charter schools via Parochial approach to working with these parents by implementing reading programs at home-a great angle here for home-schooling-Church-Mentoring programs via HBCU’s and community volunteers in rural areas(as I don’t want to leave out anyone-let me say this is just an idea-so other groups to mentor shall be added).

Target Areas for Growth
Geographical location of homes
Apartment complexes
Housing (Governmental)
Section 8-other subsidies

Church- Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these Matthew 19: 13- 14
Out of this population any that are not reading on freshman college level shall be inspired to do so and by doing so he or she shall surpass human comprehension…the implementation of the GHETTO initiative shall assist within the low income and below poverty levels. Shall have assistance from the age of 3.
Two family income who meet requirements shall be assessed monthly fee.

Just a thought…whenever projects are freely offered…it’s just as it reads… FREE. But let me ask: Have you thought about what my idea shall cost you, the parent? Yes, you see, we shall all work and push forward to a society where ALL shall have either a trade skill or a college degree…If you are not reading on a level indicated above, there shall be programs designed to assist you…young mothers/and young fathers shall be encourage to explore free classes and assistance through-out the freshman year of college via tutoring sessions coinciding with scheduled classes. The other aspect to this equation is the Spirituality of each family…this is where we are obedient to GOD…see like I said…FREE.
Okay back to the 3’s(still processing)

I know many are wondering why the age of 3? Why?? Who would subject themselves to such punishment? A typical 3 year old or the ones that I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with operates from the most purest forms of love and have the capacity to learn and adapt to knowledge a rate which continues to astounds me 22 years later… their minds soak up repetitiously; this along inspires me to formulate a plan solely catered to their reading level. Incorporating a greater aspect of products developed to doing so is also on my agenda…reference in email format-note to self-

December 17th-2013 **VOTE**

December 17, 2013

“Although economic growth and jobs are coming our way, we have to work to protect our environment and natural resources”.

By now it should be obvious to all concerned which areas needs to be strengthened…. Upcoming election is a major one for lower Alabama…that would be Alabama District 01, which includes Mobile, Baldwin, Escambia, Washington, Clarke and Monroe counties. Let’s not become stagnant and regress on what has been…it is now time to concentrate on the future for our counties here in lower Alabama for the first time in almost 50 years. I am here to tell you not to be confused by the rhetoric associated with any party involved, but instead I implore you to concentrate on the spiritual aspect of healing. There is a great need for jobs here in Brewton, which is a small town that resides in Escambia County.

New Southern Values
According to Burton R. Leflore- Candidate for Congress. Currently running for the U. S. District 01 Seat in Alabama: “Although economic growth and jobs are coming our way, we have to work to protect our environment and natural resources”.

Good paying jobs; exceptional educational opportunities for children; adequate quality housing; improving our economy; creating economic opportunities for rural surrounding communities; improving the overall quality of life for all citizens.