Doctor’s Visit

Today, is the day. It is time to put the girl on the table once again-to those of you who are clueless-it’s time for a pap smear. This is where I go in and have HER examined- and I’m claiming a clean bill of health for HER in the name of Jesus, amen. My only concern though are the fibroid tumors…one I knew of last year after my last pap smear exam…and the other one was discovered after my visit to the pain clinic. I went there for my aching back-and so it was after an MRI to learn more … Continue reading Doctor’s Visit

Good Tidings…or are they?

Tell me the story of Jesus,I’d love to hear Things I would ask HIM to tell me, if HE were here Scenes by the wayside, tales of the sea Stories of Jesus, tell them to me. Yet another song from my youth, I can’t remember the rest as usual…the songs they come and they go from me like the wind on a hot summer day…how fleeting they are in Brewton, Alabama. Then I thought about those sample ballots…red state. Genesis 49: 1-33- 12 Tribes of Israel-Jacob’s sons Joseph E-TeacherGroup (blog on experience) Love…Love will keep us together Robin Thicke your … Continue reading Good Tidings…or are they?


Vice President Biden- I got a bone to pluck with you- Are you going to allow yourself to pass along during this time and not make a great impact? Three strikes rule needs to be looked at again-only because the standards of the weight and quantity- when you think about the convictions and conviction weigh-ins-one can’t help but wonder… No, I’m not saying let everyone out onto the streets-well at least they have will be rehabilitated first-if this is possible-and I think it is-therefore that time on the deck needs to be accessed accordingly. We need our reformed felon at … Continue reading VIRTUOUS VICE OF OFFICES


GHETTO GAINING HIGHER EDUCATION TO TEACH OTHERS Originally this page was designed with the hopes of reaching out to all parents whose children are enrolled or were enrolled in the Head Start Program…and it very well could be that this initiative is still in development with this goal in mind …who knows? I do know that the old program, the old way of doing things, is, and ain’t working! We can improve upon the new, right? There are too many brilliant children in our society not progressing as they should and of course all realms of the socio-economic paradigm must … Continue reading GAINING HIGHER EDUCATION TO TEACH OTHERS

December 17th-2013 **VOTE**

December 17, 2013 “Although economic growth and jobs are coming our way, we have to work to protect our environment and natural resources”. By now it should be obvious to all concerned which areas needs to be strengthened…. Upcoming election is a major one for lower Alabama…that would be Alabama District 01, which includes Mobile, Baldwin, Escambia, Washington, Clarke and Monroe counties. Let’s not become stagnant and regress on what has been…it is now time to concentrate on the future for our counties here in lower Alabama for the first time in almost 50 years. I am here to tell … Continue reading December 17th-2013 **VOTE**